Vietnam to scrap fines on vehicle ownership transfer, poor-quality helmets

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Motorcyclists ride past one of a helmet changing points set up on streets by the National Committee for Traffic Safety where motorcyclists can change their old or fake helmets for good ones in downtown Hanoi on April 18. PHOTO: AFP

The Ministry of Transport proposes to scrap a contentious fine on failure to transfer ownership of second-hand vehicles, saying is not feasible.

It is also set to scrap a proposed fine of VND100,000-200,000 (US$4.7-9.4) on those who wear fake and poor-quality crash helmets, saying it is difficult for common people to assess quality. Currently, only producers and sellers of fake and poor-quality helmets are fined.

But fines for not wearing helmets and not fastening chin straps, also VND100,000-200,000, will remain.

The decision to scrap the fines follows feedback received from the public and Transport Minister Dinh La Thang's recommendations.

The failure to transfer ownership after buying a used motorbike currently attracts fines of VND800,000-1.2 million, and this goes up to VND6-10 million for cars. A recent draft amendment sought to reduce the fines to VND100,000-200,000 and VND2-4 million respectively for individuals and double that for organizations.

The fines and proposed changes drew widespread criticism from the public and even lawmakers who said they were unreasonable, unpersuasive and impractical.

Many people said it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to get the ownership of old vehicles transferred because they would have been already sold several times before the latest purchase.

They also agreed that the current rule of limiting fines for fake and poor quality helmets to the sellers should be persisted with and not changed to include end users.

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