Vietnam to punish corporal treatment of children

TN News

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A new regulation to take effect next month will penalize parents with up to US$240 in fines for beating or insulting their children, news website VnExpress said Monday.


Parents who abandon their children or introduce them to violent or debauched cultural products will be fined between VND5-10 million ($477).


They will have to pay twice that amount for using the child's images in such products, according to a decree on children rights issued last week.


Parents or the children's guardians will be fined VND1-3 million if they force children to earn money on the streets.


People who force children to quit school, overwork them, or prevent disabled and HIV-infected children from attending schools will be fined between VND1-5 million.


The decree requires healthcare facilities to give free treatment and examinations for children under six, failing which they will be fined VND5-10 million.


It imposes highest penalty of up to VND20 million for people who run businesses that cause harm to children. This includes forcing children into becoming street vendors or workers at massage or gambling parlours, and producing children's toys with violent, horrific and debauched content.


Serious violations of the decree will lead to criminal charges.


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