Vietnam to fine spammers up to $2,400

TN News

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Individuals and organizations using telecommunication devices to send spam with sex and some other contents will be fined up to 50 million (US$2,400), according to a government resolution Tuesday.


Spammers caught sending spam about gambling, fortune telling, sex, violence and superstition will be fined between VND30-50 million, the resolution said.


The same fines are imposed for people who trade or exchange private information of telecommunication network users.


Fines of VND10-20 million are applied if they reveal private information illegally.


Those who steal and use others' passwords illegally will be fined between VND20-30 million.


Mobile phone spam has become an extremely popular nuisance in Vietnam recently, with messages from strange phone numbers sent to any phone, anytime, day or night.


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