Vietnam to close inefficient hydropower projects

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Vietnam's industry authorities have ordered cities and provinces nationwide to put an end to small to medium hydropower plant projects that are not efficient and harm the environment.

Around 800 projects in the country will be reviewed, local news website VietNamNet reported Tuesday.

Projects whose reservoirs can cause floods and those that occupy a lot of agricultural land and forest should be revoked, the report quoted the Ministry of Trade and Industry as saying.

Provincial administrations are also ordered to tighten control over licensing new hydropower plants.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry inspected 393 hydropower projects in the central and central highlands region in late March.

Following the inspection, 38 projects were canceled and 35 others had their plans revised to make sure the environment in the region was not seriously affected.

Vietnam has more than 1,000 hydro projects with a combined capacity of 24,246 megawatts in 36 cities and provinces. The Ministry of Trade and Industry only manages 138 large projects, while local authorities are in charge of the rest.

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