Vietnam to certify home helpers with college degree

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Vietnam's Central Nursery Education College in Hanoi, which trains kindergarten and special education teachers, is opening a new major for housekeepers and caretakers.

The school is now enrolling for the new major, called "family business," which aims to provide valuable skills to the household helpers that are in many ways the backbone of so many homes and families.

Dang Loc Tho, head of the schools' Academic Affairs Department, said the new major will provide classes for professional caretakers of children, caretakers for the elderly and "family managers," who coordinate all housekeeping tasks for a household, including cooking, cleaning, transport and childcare, news website VnExpress reported Sunday.

"There's a very big demand for trained people to take care of the elderly and children at home," Tho said.

"We already have a labor pool for those jobs. But many families have complained about the quality and integrity of their employees."

Tho also said that students who excel in the major could go on to work as nurses at medical clinics or as healthcare consultants.

The school has so far enrolled 37 people for the new major, though there is still space for 13 more.

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