Vietnam to ban breeding leeches, invasive snails

TN News

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The Vietnamese agriculture ministry is going to issue a ban on the breeding of leeches and invasive yellow snails as their increasing population is threatening the local ecosystem.


Nguyen Huy Dien, a senior aquaculture official from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said at a conference Thursday that the ban will be made in a couple of days.


Large numbers of uncontrolled leeches are scaring Vietnamese people in Ho Chi Minh City, and many places in the central and northern regions. Farmers raised the blood-sucking worms under China's orders, but the customers have disappeared from the contracts.


Vietnam in leech scare as trade to China goes uncontrolled


Many of the invasive yellow snails, known in Vietnam as oc buou vang, were also bred in southern Vietnam. The snails are a nemesis of rice and some vegetables.


Dien said the ministry has asked agricultural inspectors at cities and provinces to tighten control on the breeding practice and start campaigns to educate people about the harms.


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