Vietnam teen killed in motorbike crash while fleeing the cops

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Police in the northern province of Bac Ninh said they are investigating a case in which a teenager was killed in an motorbike accident after being chased by local traffic police for not wearing a helmet, Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper reported.


On the evening of July 14, 19-year-old Vu Thi Huyen Tr. of Tien Du District was driving a motorbike with Tran Thi Kim Hoai, also 19, riding pillion. The pair was not wearing helmets.


As they traveled down a road in the Tien Son Industrial Zone, four traffic police officers spotted them and chased after them.


Tr. said that when she reached an intersection, the police motorbike rear ended her bike, causing it to crash.


The teenagers were thrown to the ground.


Le Ngoc Hau, a security guard of a company near the accident site, said he heard a scream and rushed out, seeing two girls in two different locations and the collapsed motorbike at around 9 p.m.


He said one girl, with blood all over her face, tried to sit up while the other passed out at the foot of a power pole several meters away.


"I saw two cops on a motorbike stopped near the girls just sitting and looking, and then a cop came to the girl who had just sat up and said: "Keep on running!" Hau recalled.


Hoai died several hours after being taken to a hospital. Tr. only sustained minor injuries.


After Hoai's family told the story to local media, Tien Du District police said they would investigate the case.


In 2010, Senior Lieutenant-general Le The Tiem, then deputy minister of Public Security, asked the police force to not vigorously chase after motorists who commit minor violations like not wearing helmets.


He said the police should simply write the violators' license plate numbers in order to fine them later.

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