Vietnam taxi driver accused of running over cop to avoid parking fine

Thanh Nien News

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Police of Uong Bi town in northern Vietnam have arrested a taxi driver who allegedly drove his car into a policeman and ran over his thighs to in an attempt to escape a parking fine.
Tuoi Tre newspaper quoted police as saying that Luu Manh Toan, who works for taxi firm Phu Binh in Uong Bi, 45 km away from Ha Long Town, is under investigation for resisting on-duty police officers.
Toan, 36, was parking his taxi at the wrong place when he saw two officers approached. 
In an attempt to flee, he drove his car straight into them, the paper said. One policeman managed to dodge the car, but Lieutenant Dang Ngoc Thanh was hit and fell on the street and had his thighs run over.
Local residents helped police stop the car.
Thanh has been hospitalized with bone cracks and severe injuries to his thighs and chest. His occipital bone, located at the back and lower part of the skull, subsided.
But he was recovering and his life was not threatened, Tuoi Tre quoted police as saying.

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