Vietnam state workers to get pay raise in May

TN News

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Employees at state-owned companies and agencies will have their monthly minimum salary increased from VND650,000 (US$34) to VND730,000 ($38) from May 1, according to a decree released on Thursday.

Those who work at non state-owned organizations in the field of education, health and sports, will enjoy the same increase.

The government's latest decision also ordered an increase of 12.3 percent in monthly pensions, social insurance allowance for state officials, government workers and police officers.

From January 1, minimum wages at local companies in Vietnam went up to between VND730,000-980,000 per month in accordance with regional delineations. Employees in urban districts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City enjoyed the highest hikes.

Foreign companies were also ordered to increase their minimum wages to between VND1.04 million-1.34 million.

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