Vietnam security firms shut down for hiring gangsters

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A security company in Binh Duong that has closed down to avoid being raided by the police

Police in the southern province of Binh Duong have closed down many security companies for violating regulations.

Inspections of more than 40 companies in Di An, the provincial capital, revealed that many of their directors did not have a law or economics diploma as required.

Inspectors also found many companies hiring unqualified security guards, and in some cases even hiring gangsters and resorting to gangster-style measures.

The police shut down 13 companies and branches, and slapped fines of more than VND129 million (US$6,200).

They have seized the licenses and stamps of some others.

The companies are allowed to finish their current contracts, but can only remain in business after that if they fulfil all requirements.

One suspended company, Dai Phong Vina, which had 82 employees, was found using 34 unqualified guards.

The company also provided its guards two iron rods to be used as weapons, and the police seized them.

They seized dozens of hand-made clubs from the East Asia-Binh Duong Company, whose 30-year-old employee Nguyen Duy Thuan was arrested in May for beating workers at a local factory that had ended its contract with Thuan's company and hired another.

Nine companies closed before the police arrived to, bringing down their signboards. With their directors not being present, the police could not investigate them.

Security guards are suspected to be involved in many crimes in the area this year.


In February Tran Vuong Nhat Tan, 21, of O Sung Company, allegedly raped and killed a female employee in a client's office.

Hoang Trung Hieu, 20, of Hoang Linh Company was caught in July after raping a client's employee.

Many guards reportedly colluded with gangsters to steal property worth tens of billions of dong (VND1 billion = US$48,000) from their clients.

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