Vietnam school stands by expulsion of student for Facebook post

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A secondary school in central Vietnam remains adamant about expelling an eighth-grader for one year for a Facebook post, despite strong the objections of many netizens and members of the general public.

While many readers find Nguyen Thanh Vy's entry hilarious, the school claims it "insults her school and teachers" and "distorts history."

Nguyen Tan Si, principal of the Ly Tu Trong Secondary School in Quang Nam Province's Tam Ky Town, told Tuoi Tre (youth) newspaper Tuesday (January 8) that he would not change the decision taken by his school's disciplinary committee for now, adding that the punishment is "appropriate."

Vy has been suspended from school for three days for her involvement in a fight with a classmate when she posted the entry titled "Declaration of Students of Ly Tu Trong Secondary School" on Facebook last December.

The entry is a parody of President Ho Chi Minh's 1946 call for Vietnamese citizens to resist the French colonizers.

An excerpt from the post reads: "All students! As we desire peace, we have made concessions. But the more concessions we make, the more the teachers press on, for they are bent on failing us once again. No, we would rather sacrifice all than be dismissed. Never shall we have to take the exam again. We have to stand up!"

Another paragraph said: "All students, whether boy or girl, good or stupid, tall or short, have to find ways to get good marks in the exam. Those who have health will use their health, those who have heads will use their heads. Those who have neither health or head have to copy or use cheat sheets."

Si, the principal, said: "If I came to know of it, but ignored it and didn't take any disciplinary measures, what is the role of a teacher in this life? I think I did it (expelled Vy) for my students."


Vietnamese schoolgirl dismissed for Facebook entry

Most netizens and people who have written to various media tend to agree that the punishment is excessive, but there are others who support the school's decision.

Vy told Tuoi Tre all she did was copy a similar declaration made on Facebook by another student named Hung Vo, changing the school's name.

"I only thought many people could spread it like that, so I uploaded it in order that my friends could read it for fun, I didn't mean to disturb the first term exam, or insult the teachers."

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