Vietnam school leaders dismissed for student violence

By Vu Le, Thanh Nien News

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The Ly Tu Trong Junior High School in Tra Vinh Province. Photo: Vu Le The Ly Tu Trong Junior High School in Tra Vinh Province. Photo: Vu Le


The principal and vice principal of a junior high school in the Mekong Delta have been dismissed after a video went viral recently showing a group of students brutally beating a classmate in their classroom.
The class teacher and a staff worker in charge of youth activities Ly Tu Trong Junior High School in Tra Vinh Province were officially rebuked.
The beating was filmed on January 13 but not until May was the clip posted online posted online and attracted wide attention.
It showed the students assaulting a girl identified only as P, who helplessly tried to cover her head with her hands, for being "disobedient" during indoor recess.
They pulled her hair, beat her with plastic stools and threw the stools at her.
The class president Vy was said to have ordering others to beat P after accusing her of refusing to follow her orders.
P did not tell anybody about the bullying because Vy and others threatened her.
Her family took her to hospital after they saw bruises on her face and back, but she only said she fell down the stairs at school.
Subsequent inspection found Vy called for the group attack because P refused to buy her some snacks.
Vy and two other students were suspended for one week and six others were officially rebuked.
After local media reported about the case, an international school in Ho Chi Minh City decided to enroll and support P until grade 12.

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