Vietnam rules out terrorism in Chinese migrant shooting

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The Bac Phong Sinh Border Gate, where a gun fight took place between Vietnamese border police and illegal Chinese migrants on April 14

Authorities in the northern province of Quang Ninh have denied that terrorism was behind a fatal gun battle between border police and illegal Chinese migrants that have left seven people dead Friday.
Two Vietnamese police officers and five Chinese men died in the shootout. Four other officers were wounded.

Authorities from both countries say they are cooperating to investigate the incident.

A post on the Quang Ninh Province website said provincial authorities have notified the central government about the incident and have called an urgent meeting.

A group of 16 Chinese citizens, including four women and two children, were arrested at Bac Phong Sinh border gate early Friday after Chinese border officials notified the post that a group had planned to sneak into the country illegally.

They were escorted to the Chinese border.  While officers filled out the necessary forms for their return, several of the illegal migrants seized an AK-47 rifle from a Vietnamese officer and opened fire around noon.
One Vietnamese police officers was killed immediately; another later succumbed to his wounds; four others remain severely injured. The dead officers were Junior Lieutenant Le Vu Viet Khanh and Major Nguyen Minh Dai.
Vietnamese officers urged them to surrender their weapons, including knives carried by the women; instead, they continued to fight.
The guards' office was utterly destroyed, the Quang Ninh website said.
Five Chinese were killed. Some apparently committed suicide by leaping out the windows; others were gunned down by Vietnamese officers.
Their remains and the survivors were returned to Chinese forces later that day; security in the area had been restored by 3 p.m.
It is not clear yet whether children and women were among the Chinese dead.
Nguyen Van Doc, deputy chief of the Quang Ninh Party unit, has been sent to the site to beef up security personnel in the area. 
The four injured officers have been rushed to hospital.
The province is preparing to cooperate with Chinese authorities in investigating the incident.
Quang Ninh Province borders China and is home to world-renowned Ha Long Bay.

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