Vietnam returns more beetle-infested products to India

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Vietnam returned nearly 8,000 tons of animal feed to India last month, after an invasive species of dangerous beetle was detected.

Contaminated products from India have been on the rise since last year, a quarantine official said, cited by news website VnExpress in a report Friday.

In 2011, Vietnam re-exported 23,000 tons of plant products to India because they contained Trogoderma granarium, native to India and considered one of the world's most destructive pests of grain and seed crops.

The information was released at a Thursday meeting in Ho Chi Minh City with Indian agricultural officers, who came after Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a warning last December that it was considering imposing a ban of import on several Indian products until the contamination situation proved to be under control.

The beetle is ranked among the 100 worst invasive species in the world, and is at the top of the list of quarantine targets in Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Nga, head of the Plant Quarantine Department of southern Vietnam, said at the meeting, "If sterilizing companies in India used the amount of sterilizer required by Vietnam, the products wouldn't be infected with beetles."

J. P. Singh, deputy director of Indian Plant Quarantine Department, said at the meeting that the agency has inspected and revoked the licenses of nine sterilizing companies in India after the incident was brought to light.

His superior, Sarvesh Rai, said Indian officers have checked a number of Indian cargos at Hai Phong and HCMC ports and reported finding another kind of beetle.

Rai said the quarantine documents from India are being checked before any conclusion on the new beetle is made.

Indian consul general in HCMC Abhay Thakur also said that India will check its entire quarantine system and will cooperate with Vietnam's agriculture ministry to improve the quality of imports such as corn, wheat, and soybeans to Vietnam.

Thakur also recommended that Vietnamese businesses use more prestigious providers via the Indian Consulate or state-owned associations like the Solvent Extractors' Association of India.

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