Vietnam rebukes Party official for seducing subordinate's wife

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Nguyen Thanh Hai, of the Gia Lai Province Military Unit, has accused his boss of seducing his wife. Photo credit: VietNamNet Nguyen Thanh Hai, of the Gia Lai Province Military Unit, has accused his boss of seducing his wife. Photo credit: VietNamNet


A senior Communist Party official has been warned in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai based upon allegations that he'd seduced his subordinate's wife.
In Vietnam, there are four levels of punishment for misconduct by official members of the Communist Party: reprimands, warnings, demotions and expulsion. 
Le Van Chan, vice chairman of Gia Lai’s Communist Party Inspection Committee on Wednesday announced the censure of Ra Lan Ngoan, deputy chief of the Duc Co District Party Unit after the woman’s husband filed several complaints.
The husband, Nguyen Thanh Hai, 37, said Ngoan, 43, has engaged in “abnormal acts” with his wife L.T.H.T. since 2010 when he was appointed head of the Duc Co Military Unit, where Hai and T. both worked.
After Hai was reassigned to Chu Se District a year later, he began hearing rumors about his wife's adultery, so he began to poke around.
After making a scheduled weekend visit home on October 18 and 19, Hai left in the morning the day later.
But that afternoon, he came back home without telling his wife, only to catch Ngoan and his wife having sex in a car, he said.
Hai told news website VietNamNet that he then put on a disguise and staked out his house.
Ngoan arrived in a car that night, picked up Hai's wife and drove around before pulling over in a rubber plantation about a kilometer from the main road.
Hai asked several neighbors to act as eyewitnesses, before he opened one of the car doors to reveal Ngoan and his wife naked.
Hai said his wife kicked him away from the car to provide Ngoan an opportunity to speed away.
During his escape, Ngoan ran over Hai's motorbike, rendering it useless.
Chan, the vice head of the inspection committee of the provincial Party unit, said his committee has looked into the matter with the help of the police.
Chan said the committee could not confirm that a sexual encounter had occurred in the vehicle, but estimated that "70 percent" of Hai's account was true.
Inspectors found Ngoan had engaged in an “unhealthy relationship” and sent many “indecent” text messages and phone calls to T. on the nights her husband was not at home. Some calls lasted for nearly 90 minutes.
Ngoan was found to have damaged the honor and prestige of a Party official, Chan said.
Vietnam's top leaders have admitted that morality is eroding among Party members, chipping away at public trust and threatening the very political system.

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