Vietnam prosecutor's office probes alleged suicide in police custody

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The People's Supreme Procuracy, Vietnam's highest judicial agency, on Tuesday began investigating the death of a man who allegedly committed suicide in police custody in central Vietnam in April.


The investigation was launched on the basis of complaints made by Nguyen Cong Nhut's wife, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen.


Nhut, 33, was found hanging from the cord of a mobile phone charger on April 25 while he was in detention at the police station of Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province.


Police claimed he had volunteered to stay at the station from April 21-30 during an investigation into the theft of between 6,000 and 7,000 tires at Kumho Tire factory in My Phuoc Industrial Park, where he worked as head of the finished products management division.


He allegedly left a suicide note in which he admitted to the theft. The police said later that they had checked and confirmed that the handwriting in the note matched Nhut's.


However, Tuyen, 30, remained unconvinced by the provincial police's conclusions and called for further investigation by higher-level agencies.Through her lawyer, she raised several issues that she said cast doubt on the police claim of suicide.


These included  procedures to be followed when a person is placed in police custody, the authenticity of the suicide note, the improbability of a man of Nhut's size being able to hang himself with a mobile phone cord and bruises found on his body.



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In a meeting with Tuyen on Tuesday investigators from the People's Supreme Procuracy also asked her to provide them with details about police officers who contacted her after Nhut's arrest.


Previously Nguyen Thanh Phu, an officer, was demoted following Tuyen's accusations that he kept asking her to "go to a hotel" with him and advising her to sell her land to save Nhut.


Investigators also said they will have the suicide note's handwriting checked again.


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