Vietnam proposes higher fines for traffic tickets in metros

TN News

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The Ministry of Transport has asked the Prime Minister to raise traffic fines in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by 40-200 percent before applying the rules nationwide.

According to a new draft decree released by the ministry, motorists would be fined VND300,000-500,000 (US$15.78-26.31) and have their license revoked for 30 days if they disobey traffic signs, run red lights or drive in prohibited directions, VOVNews (Voice of Vietnam) reported.

Car drivers will be fined VND1-1.4 million if they run red lights, and VND2-3 million if they are found driving under the influence of alcohol. They will be fined between VND800,000-6 million for overspeeding instead of VND600,000-5 million like the current regulations.

They will be slapped with VND2 million penalties if they cause traffic jams when parking or turning, the draft said.

The draft also raised the fines up to VND120,000 for pedestrians who walk over street dividers or carry big objects that affect the traffic flow.

Traffic accidents killed nearly 940 in 1,123 road wrecks in Ho Chi Minh City last year. Another 495 were injured.

Every year, traffic accidents cause 12,000 deaths and injure 20,000 people in Vietnam, with children accounting for 35 percent of all the victims, the National Traffic Safety Committee reported in September last year.

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