Vietnam principal's penis to be examined following rumors of extramarital affairs

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A school principal has obtained police permission to have his penis examined to defend himself against rumors that it had been cut when his extramarital relationship with a subordinate was discovered by her husband.

The principal of a secondary school in Quang Nam Province's Hiep Duc District, identified only as H., said in his petition to relevant authorities that the rumors have seriously affected his family relations and his prestige.

"The district police approved his request to examine his "˜precious property' [penis] as he requested to clarify if he was the victim of a jealous attack in which someone cut it as rumored," news website VietNamNet quoted a anonymous investigator of Hiep Duc Police Division as saying.

Hoang Van Hung, head of Hiep Duc Education and Training Division, said that H. had lodged a complaint to his agency.

"There have been bad rumors targeting me and the staff at my school. In short, it is rumored that I had extramarital affair with the deputy principal T and that my penis was cut when the affair was caught red handed," H. said in the complaint.

"I stressed that the rumors are fabricated, slanderous"¦ I requested relevant agencies to verify it," he said.

Hung said H. told him he had not paid attention thinking it was purely a harmless rumor. However, he submitted the complaint after it lingered and had a bad impact.

Hung then forwarded the complaint to Hiep Duc People's Committee, which later instructed the district police to investigate.

He said H. is a good principal and is respected by many colleagues.

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