Vietnam policemen accused of pestering women after failed flirting

By Que Ha, Thanh Nien News

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A still from the video clip shows one of the two Binh Thuan policemen in plain clothes A still from the video clip shows one of the two Binh Thuan policemen in plain clothes
Police in Binh Thuan Province on Tuesday temporarily suspended two officers who were accused of illegally stopping two women on the street after failing to flirt with them earlier in a night club.
Colonel Nguyen Van Ly, police chief of Phan Thiet, the capital town of Binh Thuan, told Thanh Nien that officers Nguyen Huu Hieu and Nguyen Huu Hung were suspended pending investigations. They would be punished if the accusation was true, he said.
A video posted on the Internet last week showed the officers in plain clothes introducing themselves as policemen when they stopped two young women on a motorbike late Friday night. They then asked them to produce papers.
After the women presented all related papers, the officers said they would take the bike to a police station.
When the women asked why, they said they suspected the papers were not legal and they would like to check further.
The two sides started arguing. The argument attracted a curious crowd to the site.
After local police arrived to disperse the crowd, a young man who accompanied the women told the police the two officers in plain clothes had previously come to Discovery Club to drink.
They then tried to flirt with the two women and asked for their phone numbers, but the women turned them down, he said.
After the women left the bar, the officers followed them.
Phan Thiet's police said there were signs of abuse of power by police officers in the case.

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