Vietnam police try stopping mob racers with fishing nets

TN News

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Police in a northern Vietnamese province are developing a new measure to deal with illegal motorbike racers, casting fishing nets to catch their wheels.


Luu Thien Minh, head of the traffic police unit of Thanh Hoa Province, said police will find out where racers are headed and send forces with fishing nets to catch them.


The nets, which are light and tough, twist in the back wheel and slow motorbikes to a stop.


Minh told news website VietNamNet in a Wednesday report that "The method does not cause accidents to the racers and limits dangers to other travelers on the streets and to the police."


The province traffic police decided that it is dangerous to chase after the racers, he explained.


Local police used to put up fences and sacks of straw to stop the racers, but they would ride through or turn back sharply, causing dangers to other travelers.


On the other hand, casting nets is safer and more effective, Minh said.

"Without the nets, mob racing in the province would be chaos now," the officer told the website.


Thanh Hoa police have used the nets for nearly a year, catching hundreds of mob racers and collecting fines worth more than VND500 million (US$23,800), Minh said.


The unit is asking the Ministry of Public Security to legalize the method, but has not yet received a response. 


Nguyen Anh Tuan, deputy head of the Road and Railway Department at the ministry, said the department knows about the net method, but there's no section in current laws that allows them to implement it.


Tuan refused to give personal comments about the effect of the method, saying he has not witnessed or experienced how it works. But he said the matter is complicated and Thanh Hoa police need more time to experiment with the method.


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