Vietnam police to use random breath tests to prevent drunk driving

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Vietnam police to use random breath tests to prevent drunk driving
The Ministry of Public Security asked traffic police in cities and provinces around the country to employ the “random checkpoint” method initiated by the State of Victoria, Australia, to prevent drunk driving.
Random breathalyzer testing will be employed to detect drunk drivers, according to a recent statement made by Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Le Xuan Duc of the Road and Railway Traffic Police Department to news website Dan Tri.
Traffic police will inspect areas with many restaurants and eateries to know the time and the roads that many people use after drinking, Lt. Col. Duc said. Then they will assign officers to the roads to set up random sobriety checks.
Also, there will be 15-20 police officers at each fixed checkpoint, instead of 5-6 officers as present, he said.
Random Breath Testing in Victoria has established itself as an outstandingly method for the successful prevention of "alcohol affected driving".
Drivers may be stopped at any point along any road by a police officer for what police term a "random breath test". For an operation involving a large number of police (typically 10-20) at a fixed location, the colloquial term "booze bus" is often used.
In Vietnam, those found with an excessive blood alcohol levels will have their vehicles confiscated by police and face administrative fines.

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