Vietnam police return stolen dog to Saudi Arabian embassy staff

By Thanh Nien News, TN News

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The Toy Poodle named Marley was recovered at a Hanoi pet shop. Photo courtesy of Lao Dong Newspaper 
Hanoi police have recovered the stolen dog of a Saudi Arabian embassy staffer at a local pet shop, Lao Dong (Labor) Newspaper reported.
On Wednesday, police returned the Toy Poodle named Marley to Abdulrahman I.m. Alzaben, 31, an employee of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Hanoi.
At around 6:30 am on Monday Alzaben took two dogs for a morning walk. Somewhere outside the Giang Vo exhibition center, two young men on a motorbike approached and the passenger used a hooked iron rod to snare Marley's leather collar. 
The thieves then sped up to drive away.
After being informed of the robbery, Hanoi police began their search and finally found Marley in a pet shop on Hong Mai Street.
They are still searching for the dog thieves.

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