Vietnam police catche another Taiwanese in phone call fraud

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A fake name tag with the photo of Taiwanese Yang Ti An that he tried to use to impersonate a Ho Chi Minh City prosecutor, but he misspelled the agency's name. Photo courtesy of Tuoi Tre

Police in Ho Chi Minh City said Thursday they have arrested another Taiwanese in a fraudulent phone call syndicate that impersonates authorities to trick people into submitting money.
Yang Ti An was the latest in a series of 26 arrests so far of alleged members of an operation charged with committing fraud to appropriate money and property, the city police said in a Tuoi Tre newspaper report.
The 39-year-old was ambushed April 5 as he was taking money from a local woman in the guise of a prosecution official. He wore a makeshift name tag in Vietnamese with spelling mistakes nonsensical phrases.
His ring had called the woman a day earlier saying she owed telecommunication fees and was being investigated for a national money laundry ring, and that she had to transfer VND600 million to a Sacombank account under the name Nguyen Hoang Son to help pay the investigation's expenses.
The women informed the police after making the transfer, and the account was blocked. The ring demanded VND200 million to another account but the woman rejectedit , so An was assigned to play the legal official and meet her in person.
An told the police that he worked for a second-hand car shop in Taiwan and was in debt, so he was attracted into the scam.
He said a ring leader named A Xuong made him the visa and introduced him to contacts in Vietnam.
The police said six of the arrested were Chinese and Taiwanese, most being major members in the operation.
Tens of victims have been cheated of around VND20 billion in total.
A police officer said Vietnam telecom companies do not collect bills via phone calls, so people should hang up upon such calls.
Legal agencies also don’t work on the phones but send summons letters for meetings, the officer said.

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