Vietnam police bust transnational online gambling racket

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The Ministry of Public Security said Friday that its officers have busted a transnational online gambling ring and arrested five suspects.

The gang, led by Lam Manh Nhi, 42, used a system unknown in Vietnam that allowed people in Vietnam and China to gamble at the Moc Bai casino in Cambodia's Bavet border area, through the Internet.

Nhi was taken into custody Wednesday, and four others in HCMC and the southern province of Tay Ninh the next day.   

Police said some of the tables at the casino were used solely for online gambling, with games recorded and uploaded to and

Gamblers in Vietnam and China would play the recorded games through their accounts, and had to make their bets within 30 seconds, news website VnExpress said, adding they were mainly dice and card games.

At the end of the 30 seconds the casino staff would open the cards or dice in the recorded clips, and the results would be sent to the gamblers' accounts, the police said.

Bets were counted in points, with each point being worth US$1.

The gamblers would transfer money to Nhi's bank account if they lost, and vice versa, adding that Nhi earned VND20,000 from the casino for every $1,000 wagered.

Nhi told the police that when working for DIWEI Company in Cambodia in 2009, she was assigned to manage an online account which allowed its owner to gamble with Moc Bai.

In August 2011 Nhi was given two master accounts which allowed her to divide them into sub accounts and assign them to other members of the ring in Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta City of Can Tho, and other provinces and cities.


One of the sub accounts was also given to a Chinese person who managed gambling from China, a report on Vietnamnet said.

The police said the ring had set up parabolic antennas for wireless connection in Tay Ninh and the northern town of Mong Cai Town to facilitate the gambling.

The police are investigating further.

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