Vietnam parliamentarian draws flak for slandering colleague in blog entry

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A National Assembly member from Ho Chi Minh City has attracted widespread criticism for using "offensive" language in deriding a prominent fellow parliamentarian in his personal blog.  

Hoang Huu Phuoc is reported to have posted an entry titled "Duong Trung Quoc and Four Huge Idiocies" on February 9.

The "idiocies," according to Phuoc's entry, are Quoc's reasons for supporting for a bill on demonstrations and the legalization of prostitution in recent National Assembly sessions.

Phuoc said Quoc showed his lack of knowledge in different fields, including history, even though he is a historian, as well as his "aggressiveness" and "hastiness" in voicing his opinions at the meetings.

He also called his counterpart "arrogant" and "illogical" in suggesting that Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung should stop apologizing and initiate the "culture of resignation" instead. Quoc's comments were made after the PM apologized for huge losses incurred by state-owned businesses at a National Assembly meeting last year.

The blog entry has been severely criticized by netizens for its "offensive" words and "incomprehensible" writing style.

The netizens remarked that it was the first time ever  in Vietnam that a national lawmaker openly offended another. Such behavior should be "corrected," many people said.

Phuoc is yet to make any official comment on the entry and its aftermath.

The target of Phuoc's ire, on the other hand, known for being outspoken at National Assembly meetings, told Thanh Nien that it was a personal blog entry which had "nothing worthy of comment."

He also refused to respond to Phuoc's comment on his lack of historical knowledge, saying: "I see no need to make any assessments. Our languages seem to be different, so it is impossible to discuss."

Moreover, he said: "It [the entry] can't be called an argument."

Quoc said that because Phuoc is a National Assembly representing Ho Chi Minh City, where there are many "big intellectuals," the city's voters should be the ones who comment on the case.

"Let HCMC citizens think about their representative," he said.

Uong Chu Luu, vice chairman of the National Assembly, said he was yet to learn about Phuoc's entry in detail.

However, he said his own view is that National Assembly members have the right to express their stand with reasonable and convincing arguments in a civilized, not "offensive" manner.

Rules relating to National Assembly sessions prohibit lawmakers from offending each other during and between the meetings, Luu said.  

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