Vietnam official knocks woman out in personal dispute, assault film goes viral

TN News

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An official in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum who is accused of knocking out a neighbor with a hoe has attracted public opprobrium after a video clip of the attack was posted online, but, bizarrely, no criminal or official action has been taken against him.

Nguyen Duc Hoang, chief inspector of the provincial Department of Health, is seen in the clip apparently striking Phan Kim Uyen Tram, 41, on October 25 after the woman got into a quarrel with his mother-in-law, Pham Thi Quyt. Tram and Quyt, 41, neighbors, were quarreling over some land.

Tram fell unconscious with blood all over her face, and was rushed to hospital. The attack left her with a 7-cm gash on the head and a torn left eyelid.

Several police officers had been present but could not stop Hoang, who was too quick for them, according to eyewitnesses.

A local captured the incident on his mobile phone and posted the clip on the Internet.

Hoang told Tuoi Tre newspaper he did not intentionally hit Tram and the injury happened during a struggle.

Hoang continues to go to office as usual.

Kon Tum police told Thanh Nien Wednesday they are still investigating.

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