Vietnam official accuses adultery accuser

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A screen grab from a YouTube video shows Binh Dinh Party official Le Van Vuong being harrassed at a guest house by a man who accused him of having an affair with his wife, the woman in the picture

Binh Dinh police have said a local Party official has filed a complaint of defamation against a man who accused him of adultery and handed over a tape to authorities that purports to catch him in the act but merely has him in underpants pleading with his accuser.

Le Van Vuong, deputy head of the central province Party unit, lodged the complaint May 3 soon after Le Anh Quoc sent local authorities the video -- that has also surfaced on YouTube -- and accused Vuong of having an affair with his wife Ha Cam Ha.

Quoc, 44, said he had hired some people to shoot the film on March 23 at a local guesthouse after learning that his wife was there with Vuong.

Vuong said Quoc was lying and that he had been alone at the guesthouse when Quoc came into his room with two men and Ha and stripped off his undershirt, Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper reported.

Ha backed his story, saying she and Vuong did not even know each other, and Quoc was trying to divorce her since he was having an affair.

The video shows Vuong, almost naked, begging Quoc to forgive him and let him go.

"Please show some mercy, Mr. Quoc," Vuong says as he is held by one man and threatened with a taser by Quoc.

"My whole life, Mr Quoc, please. I will lose it all," he says.

Vuong later said he was begging in sheer panic.

Ha is seen trying to stop Quoc from handcuffing Vuong.

In some places she is seen in a coat and helmet.

There are various versions of the video online with the scenes in different orders, raising the suspicion there have been attempts to doctor it.

Many government officials have been caught up in adultery scandals across the country recently.

Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Phong, a commune Party official in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long made media headlines last September when he was hospitalized after his mistress cut off his ear suspecting he was having a relationship with another woman.

Phong, 37, is married with children while his mistress is a 28-year-old local.

A Youtube video accusing Binh Dinh Party official Le Van Vuong of commiting adultery

In October 2011 Nguyen Thanh Mong, a Ca Mau Province court deputy head, was seen in photos going into a motel with another man's wife. He later said it was for legal consultation.

Mong was never officially accused of adultery and kept his administrative job, but provincial authorities revoked his judgeship.

Authorities in the delta's Soc Trang Province last December removed a judge from the Party board at the People's Court after confirming that the man, Huynh Hong Thang, was having an affair with his subordinate, a married woman.

The husband had taken a photo of Thang and the woman cuddling on a hammock in the unlit garden of a café.

There were demands that he should be sacked as the deputy presiding judge of the court, but no official action was reported.

The Justice Ministry last month recommended a 10-fold increase in the fine for adultery to VND2-5 million (US$96-239), but some critics said it looks like the price one would be willing to pay for a prostitute, let alone a mistress, rather than a deterrent.

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