Vietnam ministry investigates scandalous prostitution 'raid'

TN News

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The Ministry of Public Security has ordered a probe into a scandalous clip depicting five individuals acting as militiamen and conducting a shady prostitution raid, an official said Wednesday.


The one-and-a-half-minute clip, posted three days ago, shows four to five men, wearing plainclothes and uniforms similar to those worn by militiamen, raiding a hotel room.


The men claim to have discovered two naked women prostituting themselves.


The women are shown trying to cover their bodies with their hands while the militiamen write them up for their alleged violations.


The men order them to uncover thier bodies so they can take photographs.


A man wearing only a towel is featured in the background of the video.


Conversations in the clip reveal that the incident took place in the north.


The clip has provoked online ire and drawn attention from members of media and the general public.


Lawyer Nguyen Dang Trung from the Hanoi Bar Association said if it is confirmed that state agencies conducted the raid, then they are guilt of critical rights violations. 


Ha Thi Thanh Van from the Vietnam's Women Union, meanwhile, said they will cooperate with related agencies to inspect the case and then raise relevant objections to protect women's dignity.


However, Do Kiem Tuyen, Deputy Chief of the Ministry's Anti-Crime Department, asked people to be careful, because the information available online is sketchy at best.


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