Vietnam ministry bans staff from drinking at work

TN News

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Minister of Justice Ha Hung Cuong said Tuesday that a recent regulation which aims to enforce the ban on public servants from drinking during lunch on workdays is being faithfully obeyed within his ministry.


No violations have been found so far, he told news website VnExpress.


The ban has officially been in place since 1996.


Ten days ago, the ministry began enforcing the ban which prohibits staff members from consuming alcohol before and during working hours and during lunch on workdays.

The ban also applies when the ministry holds conferences or receives guests.


Cuong also banned canteens from selling beer and other alcoholic beverages during the workweek.


He asked the heads of the ministry's offices to frequently remind their subordinates of the prohibition.


He said those who violate the rules would be reprimanded, warned or dismissed.  

At a meeting in January, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked 63 provinces to enforce the ban on drinking during working hours among public officials inin a bid to reduce traffic accidents.

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