Vietnam ministry asks lottery firm to pay holder of torn ticket

TN News

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The Ministry of Finance has asked a lottery company in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang to consider paying VND100 million (US$4,780) to a man whose winning ticket was torn in two, Tuoi Tre reported Tuesday.


Duong Van Tung, 49, bought a VND10,000 lottery ticket last February in An Giang Province. After he realized the ticket entitled him to VND100 million, he announced the windfall to his family.


Other family members rushed to him to take a look at the ticket. His nephew, Khanh, then unintentionally grabbed the ticket from his hands, tearing it.


Tung told the Kien Giang Lottery Company that it was just an accident and that winning ticket proved itself to be just that after the torn pieces had been mended.


The company refused to pay him, saying it would create a precedent for lottery winners with torn tickets.


Tung hired a lawyer in order to sue company, citing a regulation which states a lottery company "may" pay holders of winning tickets which happen to be torn as long as it's not too damaged to verify as authentic and its serial number is clearly visible.


The company reported the case to the Ministry of Finance, and the ministry then asked the company to reconsider its stance, saying the ticket had not been intentionally torn.  


It said the company may verify the authenticity of the ticket before paying Tung. So far, Kien Giang has yet to announce whether it intends to abide by the ministry's request.


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