Vietnam metro to study Thailand's flood experiences

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Ho Chi Minh City plans to send a team of senior officials and exports to Thailand to study and learn from their experiences in tackling the historic flooding in recent months, the municipal administration said Friday.

The delegation will be led by Le Hoang Quan, chairman of the HCMC People's Committee. It will make its first stop in Bangkok, which has had large areas inundated over the past four months.

Details of the visit including its timing and issues that will be discussed are being worked out.

Apart from drainage and weather forecasting systems, a major focus of the mission will be the causes of flooding and the measures taken by the Thai government, local administrations and people to cope with it.

The flooding killed at least 562 people in Thailand and caused damage worth nearly US$10 billion, including million of houses and factories.

Many Thai experts have blamed the flooding on rising sea levels due to climate change, natural land sinkage and poor urban planning in which drainage channels were filled for construction.

Experts in Vietnam, meanwhile, have warned a similar scenario could play out in Ho Chi Minh City in the next 10 or 15 years.


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The city shares several of Bangkok's characteristics such as its location a couple meters above the sea level, many rivers and poorly-managed drains.

In recent years, HCMC has seen its major streets deeply underwater after rains, some of them not very heavy downpours.

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