Vietnam metro supports rehabilitated drug users

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Of the 12,000 rehabilitated drug users that have returned to Ho Chi Minh City in the first six months of this year, more than 70 percent have found jobs, according to the municipal social affairs department.


During the same period, 2,724 addicts relapsed and 825 were convicted of committing a crime, the department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs said in a statement released on Friday.


During the same period, city authorities offered VND10 billion (US$486,000) in low-interest loans to 1,705 rehabilitated drug users to help them find a job and reintegrate into society.


The loans were sourced from the Fund for Poverty Reduction and Hunger Eradication, the Banks for Social Policies, the Anti-AIDS Committee and other social organizations.


In addition, 340 clubs and groups for rehabilitated drug users and their relatives have helped support the former users as they return to society.



No drug addict left behind
Vietnam hopes to cut its population of drug addicts by a third in the next ten years and improve its rehabilitation services, the government said in a statement released on the June 27 launch its decade-long strategy. 


By late 2010, the country more than 170,000 drug users of which 70 percent were young people, according to statistics compiled by the National Committee for HIV/AIDS, Drug and Prostitution Prevention and Control. The official number of drug users in late 2009 was 146,730.


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