Vietnam metro acts to make buses friendlier

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Ho Chi Minh City aims to make its public transport system more user friendly by repainting its busses and and equipping them with cameras and ticket machines, according to a VnExpress report this week.

According to the decision announced by municipal authorities Thursday, the city's public busses will be painted green, red, or orange, depending on their route.

"Showy colors will help people differentiate busses," Duong Hong Thanh, vice director of HCMC Department of Transport, told the newswire, adding that their numbers will be made more visible. He said this would be especially helpful at night.

The new official city bus logo will depict two sets of embracing arms, representing a more friendly and compassionate public transportation service, Thanh said.

Meanwhile, three cameras will be placed on each bus to ensure that drivers and their assstant treat passangers properly, VnExpress said. The cameras will also help fight crime on the buses -- such as pickpocketig -- and ensure all passangers pay for their tickets.

Automatic ticket machines will be installed in bid to stop bus employees from stealing, and to make it easier for passengers to buy tickets, according to the Thanh.


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Red roads

A department report released at a conference in April said many of the city's 3,000 buses were old and had deteriorated over the years.

The report estimated that over 90 percent of HCMC residents use personal vehicles, mainly motorbikes, which has worsened traffic in the city.

It is said that most people don't use busses because the vehicles are in bad condition and the drivers and their assistants are rude.

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