Vietnam man gets 8 years for killing ex-in-law in custody squabble

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A court in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday sentenced a man to eight years in jail under murder charge for killing his former brother-in-law, who had earlier blogged about his ex-wife's family's death threat against him.

Tran Minh Viet, 28, had stabbed Tran Trung Hieu, 29, to death while the latter was visiting his three year-old son on January 4.

The killing ended several years of hard feelings between Hieu and his ex-wife's family as they were never happy with his visits.

Earlier, Hieu had posted on Internet forums that he had received death threats, news website VnExpress reported.

Hieu and his wife separated two years after getting married, soon after their son was born. His wife went back to live with her family, bringing their child with her.

Upon getting divorced, the presiding court granted the wife custody of the child, and Hieu was granted rights to visit his son three times a week.

But his visits were never smooth.

Hieu made postings on different online forums sharing the difficulties he faced every time he went to visit his son. He said the wife's family even threatened to kill his parents if he continued to come.

The postings angered Viet, prompting him to hit Hieu with a helmet after a visit in October 2011, when he also accused Hieu of disrespecting his family when he came and did not greet anyone other than his son.

Hieu had to be hospitalized with brain injuries, one of his colleagues said in a forum.

On December 14, Hieu posted a video on YouTube as a diary for his son. A scene shows Hieu and his son separated by a door at his ex-wife's house, and the baby moving one hand through the door to touch his father's face.

Some people had advised Hieu to wait until the conflict subsided, but Hieu replied on the forum that "I tried, but after a couple days, I could not stand missing him"¦ I accepted to be beaten."

But none of that impressed Viet.

On the night of the murder, Hieu came to visit at the very moment Viet was reading his anonymous letter to a website concerning the trouble his family caused Hieu when he came to visit his son.

Viet demanded Hieu apologize, but the latter did not. Instead, he requested the family to let him visit his son normally, the indictment said.

During the ensuing argument, the father removed a lock from his motorbike and put it into his pocket.

Viet claimed that he expected to be assaulted, so he stabbed the father first, killing him instantly.

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