Vietnam man gets 17 years for attacking 7 people with hammers

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A Ho Chi Minh City court Tuesday sentenced a man to 17 years in prison for attacking and injuring seven members of a family with hammers.

Duong Van Nuoi, 32, had been charged with "attempted murder."

On September 26, 2010, Nuoi went to the house of Le Cong Quang, the older brother of Nuoi's boss, in Binh Tan District, and asked him to accompany him to a cafe.

Nuoi told the court he had felt "bored with work" and gotten the idea of "killing himself and other workers in the company."

He had taken two hammers with him to Quang's house.

While Quang was washing his face before leaving home, Nuoi grabbed a tree branch and hit him on the head twice.

He then went on to smash him on the nape of his neck with a hammer until he passed out.

Le Thi Huyen Nuong, Quang's sister, heard the commotion and came out of the house. Nuoi pounced on her next, smashing her on the head until she too passed out.

Le Cong Tuong, Nuoi's boss, who had been sleeping in a bedroom with his wife Phan Thi Ngoc Chi and 13-month-old son Le Cong Quoc Khanh, heard Nuong's screams and woke up.

When he walked out of the room to see what had happened, Nuoi rushed towards him and began to hit him with the hammer.

He also attacked Le Thi Hong Hoa, another sister, who was sitting nearby.


When Le Thuy Ngan, Tuong's niece, tried to scream for help, Nuoi turned his attention to her.

He then went into the bedroom to attack Chi and the child.

Chi struggled with him to protect her son, covering him with her body as Nuoi tried to hit him on the head.

But she and her son finally passed out.

Nuoi then began to hit himself on the head with the hammer. By that time, some neighbors and police officers stormed into the house to grab him.

Quang, Tuong, and Nuong had the most serious injuries as all seven victims were rushed to hospital for head surgeries.

They have all recovered.

Prosecutors said Nuoi had personality disorders.

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