Vietnam man faces fine for letting dog drive motorbike

Thanh Nien News

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The Hanoi police are looking for a man who let his dog “ride” his motorbike on the street after a video of the incident was uploaded online.
The film shows the man with his dog in front letting go of the handlebars while his dog has its paws on them.
This goes on for around half a minute as he keeps telling the dog “Good!”
Many viewers have slammed the man for being reckless for putting himself and other people on the street in danger.
Traffic police officers called the act “extremely dangerous.”
Nguyen Van Quy, a Hanoi traffic police officer, said: “The act must deserves harsh criticism and punishment.”
He said if arrested the man would be fined VND5-7 million (US$230-320), the designated penalty for “releasing both hands while driving a motorbike.”
The officer said he would also lose his drivers’ license for two months and his motorbike for a week.
Besides, the man was not wearing a crash helmet, which attracts another VND200,000 (nearly $10) fine.
Lawyers said he would bear criminal responsibility if he killed or injured someone.


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