Vietnam man allegedly beaten by cops, seriously injured after jumping off police building

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A 22-year-old man who jumped off the third floor of a police station in the northern province of Ninh Binh said he did so because officers had tortured him to extract a confession, online newspaper Dan Tri reported.


Vu Van Huan, 22, who is being treated at Hanoi's Viet Duc Hospital with multiple injuries, including a broken spine, said he had not been involved in a fight at a karaoke parlor, but they wanted him to confess he had.


He and three friends were riding motorbikes on the evening of June 30 when they were waved down by policemen in plain clothes, he said.


The armed officers ordered the four to the Ninh Binh city police station.

There they were taken to four separate rooms asked about a karaoke fight they suspected he had been involved in a few days earlier.


They handcuffed him.


When he denied any involvement, they beat him up twice.


"They pressed an electric baton into my fingers and toes, hit me on the back and legs with a rubber baton, and repeatedly asked me who I stabbed at karaoke parlor Seven."


After the second beating, unable to take it any more, he told them he would confess.


But as soon as they removed his handcuffs, Huan dashed out of the third-floor room and jumped down.


"I was innocent," he wrote in his complaint.

"Since the investigators kept forcing me to admit to a crime I did not commit, I had no option but to jump."

He was taken by the police to the Ninh Binh General Hospital, where doctors said he had broken his spinal column, a leg and a forearm, and vertebrae from the six-meter fall.


But the unfortunate drama did not end there.


While he was in the emergency room, the officers told doctors and nurses not to allow him to call home, he said.


He later borrowed a mobile phone from another patient's relative and called his family.


His family rushed to the hospital and asked doctors to transfer him to Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi, but the police prevented them from doing so.


"They [the police] brought around 50 officers to surround the hospital to prevent us from moving," Nguyen Thanh Nam, Huan's friend who witnessed the scene, said.


But after his family insisted, Huan was taken to Viet Duc.


Huan admitted in the complaint that he had been involved in a fight in a coffee shop several months ago, and had hit a man on the head with a glass.


But he had no idea about the stabbing incident at the karaoke parlor, he said.


His friends were released on the afternoon of July 1 after spending one night at the police station.

Police officials in Ninh Binh city contacted by Dan Tri declined to comment.


A provincial police official told the online newspaper that an investigation is going on.


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