Vietnam looks to allow cops to shoot at resistants

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The Ministry of Public Security has recently introduced a draft decree that envisages allowing police officers to shoot at people who resist them when they are o pulic duty.

Under the draft pending for public opinion, officers have the right to fire their guns if they deem people's behaviors detrimental to their safety, health and properties, or these of other people.

Vietnam's current laws restrict direct shooting to cases when people turn to  violence, weapons or explosives that pose threats to officers or others.

In case the situation is "less serious," officers can use violence and other devices given to them to overpower their targets, according to the draft decree on measures for preventing and handling opposition to people on public mission.

The new regulations are aimed at tackling the fact that resistance against people on public mission is getting "complicated" in many fields, "seriously" affecting public security as well as the health and dignity of officers who are performing their duties, the ministry said. 

Between 2002 and June last year, over 8,500 case of public actions against officiers on duty took place in Vietnam with more than 13,700 violators, the ministry reported, adding that around half of them faced criminal charges.

More than 90 percent of the cases happened against the police, especially in the fields of traffic, public security, and drug crimes.

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