Vietnam leader halts more golf projects

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The canceled golf courses were announced by Dung at a National Assembly meeting following the Vietnamese legislative body's proposal, said local daily newspaper Cong an nhan dan (People's Police).

The Ministry of Investment and Planning had earlier canceled 50 pending golf course projects.

Also at the meeting, the Ministry of Industry and Trade agreed to eliminate 21 already-approved hydropower plant projects in the central region and Central Highlands, and adjust the place and scale of 35 other projects that would have caused adverse impacts on the environment and local communities.

The elimination was proposed by National Assembly members at a meeting in November last year.

Nearly 60 percent of the suggestions made at that meeting have been acted up.

Nguyen Van Thuan, chairman of the assembly's Legal Committee, said suggestions pertaining to the unchecked growth of golf courses in the country were "accurate and have created hot debates at the assembly."

But many representatives felt unsatisfied since their suggestions were only "noted for further consideration" or "under consideration" while officials have not made any concrete plans on the matters.

In some cases, the problems were simply passed around between agencies.

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