Vietnam lays down harsh advertising rules

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Advertising condoms will be banned during prime time

A new regulation will impose fines of up to VND100 million (US$4,742) for any television or radio advertisement deemed inappropriate.

Advertisers can be fined if their commercials cause "prejudice," prompt unhealthy behavior, have a "bad impact" on education, or hinder viewers from enjoying prime time, according to a Lao Dong report.

The resolution will take effect the beginning of next year and impose penalties between VND50-100 million for commercials broadcast during news programs on TV or radio. Ads that appear more than twice during TV dramas, more than four times during other entertainment programs, or for more than five minutes of the programs, can be fined the same amount.

Ads for aphrodisiacs will be fined between VND70-100 million, while promoting tobacco products or advertising dairy products as replacements for breast milk for children under two years old could incur VND40-50 million fines. Advertising for plastic nipples will incur the same fine.

Hygiene products like sanitary napkins, condoms, skin creams, worm tablets, or female cleansing solutions could draw penalties of between VND30-50 million if advertised during prime time from 6 to 8 p.m.

Penalties of VND50-70 million will be imposed on ads using Vietnamese currency, or those featuring inadequate maps of Vietnamese territory that lack the East Sea islands for example.

Advertisements encouraging children to make unethical, impolite statements and actions, or those that are dangerous to their health, will be subject to fines of between VND30-40 million.

The resolution will also impose VND10-20 million fines for overstatements such as "the best," "the only" or "number one" without official recognition. The same fines will apply for ads that are deemed discriminatory.

Spam through email and text messages will be fined VND10-15 million, while putting up classifieds at public places like electric poles or light poles will be fined VND1-2 million for each offense.

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