Vietnam, Laos bust major drug ring

By Nguyen Phuc - Phuoc Trung, Thanh Nien News

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Three Laotian men are taken into custody on March 11, 2016 for smuggling drugs from Laos to Vietnam
Vietnamese and Lao police joined forces to arrest three Laotian men on Friday while they were smuggling large quantities of drugs into Vietnam.
Xipasot Anuvong, 24, Keoma Latsi, 36, and Khamphet Khambut Xaba, 44, were caught carrying around four kilograms
of heroin and 42,000 pills of a synthetic drug in a car in Savannakhet Province.
The trio admitted that they bought the drugs in Savannakhet and planned to transport them to Vietnam’s Quang Tri Province for sale.
Quang Tri’s border guards said Lao police will investigate further into the case.

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