Vietnam jails Chinese trafficker of counterfeit currency

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Luo Zhen Bin and Dang Thi Lien (left) are escorted out of a court in Ho Chi Minh City Wednesday for trafficking fake curency. Photo by Le Nga

An appellate court in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday upheld a Chinese man's 18-year prison sentence for trading counterfeit money, as well as the 10-year sentence of his Vietnamese accomplice.

Luo Zhen Bin, 38, and Dang Thi Lien, 29 were arrested in January last year after bringing fake Yuan notes worth US$25,300 into Vietnam.

Luo arrived in Vietnam in 2006 to study Vietnamese in Hanoi, and then went to the southern province of Binh Duong to work as an interpreter, when began living with Lien as husband and wife.

He successfully used two fake 100 Yuan ($16) notes, together with eight real ones, at a gold shop in the province in late 2010, prompting him to go back to China to fetch more fake notes.

Investigations found Luo had been crossing the border frequently enough to acquaint himself with counterfeiters in China. They said his bills were sophisticated forgeries that would have been difficult for even professional currency counters to recognize as inauthentic.

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