Vietnam jails Chinese national, locals for human trafficking

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Members of a syndicate that sold Vietnamese women to China at their trial in Tay Ninh Province June 17. Photo by Giang Phuong

A court in the southern province of Tay Ninh on Monday sentenced ten people, including two Chinese nationals, to jail time for trafficking women to China.

The top sentence, 14 years, was handed down on Tu Sy Muoi, a 59-year-old Vietnamese woman from nearby Dong Nai Province.

Her Chinese husband, Vong Kam Sang, 63, was sentenced to 11 years, while the other Chinese man Lin Liang Hui, 44, got 12 years.

The three started the human trafficking operation in 2010. The husband and wife team were in charge of finding Vietnamese women, while Lin tracked down Chinese men wanting Vietnamese wives and who were willing to pay VND120 million (US$5,700).

Other members of the syndicate, including six women, received punishments ranging from three years' suspended sentence to seven years in jail.

Tay Ninh police had been investigating the ring for some time when they managed to catch the two Chinese men and a Vietnamese member named Pham Thi Nhung red-handed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in neighboring Ho Chi Minh City one morning early last July, as they were preparing to bring several victims to China.

The ring had sold 20 women, including 17 from Tay Ninh and three from Dong Nai Province, where the ringleaders lived. A total of 13 women were handed over to Lin, who gave them to a Vietnamese woman named Men in China. Men remains at large.

A recent report by China Radio National said that since 2009, Chinese authorities have helped rescue more than 1,800 Vietnamese women and 41 Vietnamese children who had been trafficked into China.

Vietnam police meanwhile have busted more than 3,000 human-trafficking attempts along its border with China since 2003, rescuing around 1,200 would-be victims in 2012 alone.

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