Vietnam hub seeks to limit personal vehicles

Thanh Nien News

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Ho Chi Minh City traffic. Photo: Diep Duc Minh Ho Chi Minh City traffic. Photo: Diep Duc Minh


The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport is seeking the municipal government's approval to limit the flow of personal vehicles to reduce traffic congestion in the city. 
Early this week, the department submitted a draft plan on restricting personal vehicles. 
Under the plan, the special consumption tariffs and other fees imposed on personal vehicles will be raised, and an “environmental fees” (designed to mitigate the air and noise pollution caused by personal vehicles) will also be applied. 
The department will also seek to limit the number of newly-licensed vehicles through an annual quota. 
It will require each private citizen who wishes to buy a new motorbike or car to bid for vehicle ownership.
Once approved for the ownership, they will be required to pay another sum to drive the vehicle.
Those who live in inner HCMC must prove they have access to parking space before they cab register the car for use. 
The department of transportation also proposed setting a deadline for motorbike use to cut down on air pollution.
Under the plan, certain personal vehicles would only be allowed to enter the streets during certain hours of certain days. 
According to the latest statistics, HCMC has around six million motorbikes and more than 500,000 cars, equivalent to one third of the whole country’s number of cars.

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