Vietnam hospital investigating another death in labor

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A hospital in southern Vietnam is investigating the death of a woman who passed away during labor earlier this month.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, 29, was admitted to the Dong Nai Rubber General Hospital the morning of May 2.

Doctors administered a traditional birth and the baby boy weighed 3.8 kilograms.

But the mother died the next day after severe blood loss.

Bui Anh Chien, the 27-year-old husband, said his wife was still screaming a lot after the birth, so he broke into the room and found that her placenta had been expelled and that she was bleeding severely.

Chien said he asked doctors to transfer his wife to a higher level hospital but the doctors said they could handle the transfusion. However, they demanded that Chien buy blood at another hospital.

When he came back with the blood, Trang was weaker, so the hospital transferred her to Long Khanh General Hospital, which gave her blood and conducted an operation, before transferring her to Dong Nai General Hospital, where she died.

Vu Thi Thu Dung, Chien's 36-year-old sister, said doctors at the provincial hospital said Trang's condition was normal and she could have been saved if transferred earlier.

Nguyen Thi Hue, deputy director of the Dong Nai Rubber hospital, said the hospital will meet next week and decide who was responsible for the death and inform the province Health Department.

On March 19, Mai Thi Lanh, a 39-year-old patient, also died after giving birth at the hospital. Lanh stayed at the hospital for five days until she was transferred to Tu Du Hospital, a leading obstetrics and gynecological facility in Ho Chi Minh City, but died almost immediately,

Tu Du doctors said they could have saved her if she was sent in earlier.

Birth-related deaths have been making headlines across Vietnam, causing many mothers-to-be to travel hundreds of kilometers to famous hospitals in HCMC, like Tu Du, to receive examinations.

On April 29, a woman died with her baby at Hoc Mon District Hospital on the outskirts of HCMC.

A week earlier on April 20-21, three other women died in labor, two with their babies, in Hung Yen and Bac Ninh Provinces in northern Vietnam, and Quang Ngai in the central region.

Bac Ninh province police have proposed charges of "causing public disorder" against the woman's family as they brought the coffin to the hospital, asking for a better explanation for the death.

The hospital closed for one day and patients were moved to other hospitals until the crowd was cleared.

In March and October last year, two women died under similar circumstances in Phu Yen Province in the south-central region and Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta.

All deaths happened to the outrage of the families who blamed doctor negligence, but doctors in most of the cases said the abnormalities only showed up at the last minute.

The hospitals said they were investigating the cases and no results have been made public yet.

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