Vietnam hands over 16 foreign fraudsters

TN News

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The Ministry of Public Security has extradited 16 Chinese and Taiwanese crooks, according to an announcement made on Monday.

Tsao Chia Lin, the group's alleged ringleader, plead guilty following their capture.

Authoritites reported catching the group, red-handed, using telecom equipment including cellphones and internet-connected laptop computers at a house in Hanoi on October 26 to swindle money from unsuspecting Chinese and Taiwanese victims.

The investigators said the ring included 11 Taiwanese and five Chinese suspects which called up wealthy foreigners and claimed to be policemen, state attorneys, or bank employees.

The groups then "informed" their victims that someone had attempted to break into their bank accounts.

They then asked the customers to take steps that would allow the crew to transfer money out of their accounts.

The victims had no idea they were being swindled until they checked their accounts later.

According to the investigators, the swindlers belonged to international criminal syndicates in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia before fleeing to Vietnam to escape capture.

Prior to the recent round of arrests, police in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, and the southern province of Binh Duong, busted up a number of hi-tech crime rings involving Chinese and Taiwanese perpetrators.

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