Vietnam gold shop robbery caught on camera

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A security camera grab of Bui Van An robbing a jewelry shop in Thai Nguyen Province and trying to flee on June 9

The Thai Nguyen police and local people Sunday caught an armed robber who was trying to flee after stealing more than 13 taels of jewelry from a gold shop.

The police said Bui Van An, 31, a Bac Giang native, had fired four shots into a chasing group, causing a minor injury in the hand to the shop's security guard, before being caught.

Most of the heist is caught on two cameras, one inside and one outside the shop.

At around 11 a.m. that day An came to Hanh Thuy gold shop in Dong Hy town on a motorbike and armed with two guns.

A camera shows him carrying a bag and still wearing a helmet when he enters the shop.

He suddenly whips out a gun and threatens the woman shop owner, who manages to flee outside.

An smashes a glass case with a hammer and helps himself to jewels and gold.

Outside, the owner shouts for help and several people respond. They  throw stones and bricks at the robber and one man tries to smash his motorbike with a wooden club.

An quickly comes out with the loot but is confronted by a few people throwing stones at him. In the melee he decides to ditch his motorbike and flees on foot.

The shop is located near the Dong Hy District police office and officers police quickly arrived and caught An.

He told them he was jobless and confessed to using guns to rob the shop.

Nguyen Quang Son, the district police chief, said there were 13.1 taels of gold jewelry in his bag. A tael is equal to 1.21 ounces.

At VND40.8 million per tael on June 10, An's loot is estimated at VND534 million (US$25,400).

If convicted, he faces a jail term of eight to 20 years or, depending on the circumstances, even death for stealing property worth VND500 million or above. 

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