Vietnam gambling den hooked up with Cambodian casinos busted

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Nearly 20 people were arrested in Ho Chi Minh City Saturday after police busted a gambling den hooked up by video with Cambodian casinos.

According to police, the den, which was the first of its kind in HCMC, was run by Mai Van Luu, 38.

Luu, a man with a criminal record who ran it, told the police that he did it together with local casinos and a Vietnamese named Phuong in Cambodia.

He had been given VND200 million (US$9,600) to run the place and a password to electronically access the casinos.

He was paid a share of the daily collection once every two weeks when he met his Cambodian interlocutors to hand over the money.

The police said he rented a house in Thu Duc District and hired six people.

He also lent gamblers money at high interest rates and had one of his employees, 37-year-old Ton That Vu, collect the debts every month.

The police estimated his earnings at hundreds of millions of dong a month.

Only poker games were offered, and gamblers could place their bets on "the player" or "the house," police said. Soon after gamblers place bets, casino staff in Cambodia would deal the cards.

Investigations continue.

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