Vietnam former police jailed for license plate fraud

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A former Ho Chi Minh City police officer was sentenced to nine years in jail Monday for defrauding people into believing that he could use his influence to get them catchy license plates.

The indictment said Le Van Loi, 51, then an official at the traffic police department of HCMC Police, had received VND238 million (US$11,400) and $11,500 in cash from nine people, who believed he could get them specialized plates.

Many people wanted to have the same number for all four digits, such as 2222 or 9999.  Nine is considered an especially lucky number by many people in Vietnam.


Vietnam's laws require vehicle license plates to be assigned at random.

Loi was not working in the license plate registration section and was therefore unable to keep his promises.

He was removed from Vietnam's police force last September after many of his victims lodged complaints.

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