Vietnam fines institutes for unauthorized training programs

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The Ministry of Education and Training has slapped fines totaling VND250 million (US$12,000) on six universities and institutes for running unauthorized college and postgraduate training courses.

Among them are the state-owned Hanoi Institute of Open University in the capital city, and five private institutions Hoa Sen University and the College of Business Administration and Management (CBAM) in Ho Chi Minh City; Singapore firms FTMS Global Education, Melior Vietnam Company and Singapore Information Technology and Business Administration Company.

The penalties were issued Thursday.

The Hanoi institute was fined VND7.5 million since it was recruiting for college courses in association with Australian Box Hill Institute, while the ministry approval for the cooperation expired last December.

Hoa Sen was fined VND32.5 million for not having the official permits necessary to work with the French Vatel International Hotel Management School to offer a training diploma in international hospitality.

CBAM, which was established as a vocational training institution, was fined VND62.5 million for running undergraduate and postgraduate programs in collaboration with the UK Association of Business Executives.

The three Singapore firms, which are only allowed to provide vocational training, were also offering illegal undergraduate programs.

Melior Vietnam was fined VND67.5 million, FTMS VND10 million, and the Singapore Information Technology and Business Administration Company VND67.5 million.

The ministry's decision also asked the schools to stop advertising the illegal programs, and fix any damages they have caused students.

The institutions received a warning notice from the ministry on May 18, which asked them to stop the programs.

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